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My love after the war (just click on that.. and everything will be fine.. everything will be ok.)

Last Post.

Brings me to tears , every time.

bye bye ..

Eddie. xxxx

I have decided to halt Culture bread, I think there are way
better music blogs out there, including the excellent

I have a number of other projects mainly Art,
that is going to take up a lot of my time in the next
few months.. If you are interested in what other stuff
I do you can check out my myspace page here.

Thanks for all those that have read this blog, and I will leave
ALL tracks posted on here for the forseeable future :)

Enjoy, and it has been fun.

Eddie Spex.

R.I.P Sebastian Horsley.

A beautiful man has just died, so young, but I think
it was the case of not if.. but when.. He supposedly
Died after a wake, of his friend Michael Wojas, Horsely
is suspected of taking an accidental Heroin overdose.

This is truley sad , as his wit, and his flamboyance
was very inspirational, and he touched the hearts of
Dandy underworld.. he will be sadly missed.


Pour quoi?

Souvenir - Ni Dis Pas

Don Schraier - Pigtail.

Kitchen And the Plastic Spoons - Happy Funeral.


P4's Version is better than the passions version...
Ohh but I will give you both.

P4 - I'm In Love with a German Filmstar

The Passions - i'm in love with a German Filmstar

One night in Germany.. or could that be...

A.T.R.O.X - Against The Odds

"Conversations about the holes in your hands"
Christian Death

Christian Death - Romeo's Distress

OTO - Anyway

Fast as a reel to reel, with a toad in tow..
cafe au drugs.. and everyone was invited.

Jeanne Marie Sens - Tape Tape Tape

On one summer's day.. a hobbit met a man, that had a blue jacket
and a smile on his face .. which eluded to a past epoch,
when men was mushrooms , and women were lightbulbs.

Bridgette Fomntaine - Ill Pleut

Primary 1.

I featured a wonderful single by Primary 1 here.. That was
a fantastic song.. and whoo hoo here comes another..
This.. is quite silly.. utterly beautiful, and perfect
for wooing him or her.. as the sun sets, at your favourite
BBQ/ Summer Fete/ or your sleezy bedroom :)
awful Florence and The Machine. sorry
guys I just dont like you .. boo!

Primary 1 – “Princess” (Isa Machine Re-invention)

This is just the ticket.. nice summery, happy..
but filled with an undercurrent, of annoyance!
Just like the area I live in
Bristol (St Pauls)
Google St pauls Bristol.. and check out my err
interesting area.. Anyway I digress! This reminds me
of my neighborhood so much,with Reggae, Grime,
Jungle.. and dub step filling the streets, when
the sun shines. The paragons is an elusive lot
They are more known via the Sly & Robbie, reworkings and
dubs.. which is featured below.. but watch the youtube
version first then the mp3 that I have posted, I bet
you love the youtube version better... ohh hum.

Check out some more here

Thanks to Miss Louise for the suggestion.

The Paragons - Man Next Door

Colman O'Reilly. (C/Sound.

If only finding wonderful music was as easy as this.
I kinda gets what he does.. yeah I know it is
another aphex twin clone.. but sheds are
universal (honest).
Check out the blog here
for more interesting info.

anyway check him out here. (you know you want to)

CSound w/Dr.B - 6 Hour

This is sweet, just love the female
voices in the background. I am
new to this band.. I m sure to delve more
into their music.. but as a teaser here is
This wonderful track.
They have an album out called "Liquid Courage"
Can i move up in the queue, to buy it?

Wax and EOM – Adventures of Larry and Tina

Nowt to say but .. fucking get into the synths lead..
pure genius..
check em out here..
and yes it is Christian Bale.

Kid Cudi - “All Talk” (Feat. Chip Tha Ripper)

Stomper.. stomper .. STOMPER!
Get out your swimming trunks , Summer is here..
really classy track from the best that France has to offer.
It is disco.. and house, without apologizing.. why say
sorry? when you can make a classy floor filler.. gotta
be my single of the day. Check him out here.

Louis La Roche ft Ad apt - Missing you.

Louise La Roche - On the Floor.

Gold Panda.

I first came across Gold Panda here With the excellent back Home video..
Thank fuck they have released another fine song.. excellence
at it's best.. super sexy, deadly with it's summer vibe.(to boot, a seams mix)
Completely In love.. more please, give me more!!
check these out here.
and the wonderful, "Back home" video below..Shit I am
so in love.. :0

Gold Panda - You (Seams Remix)

Back Home from gold panda on Vimeo.

Well I got this in my mailbag The other day,
and I did "Umm & arrr" if to post it, because generally
it is not something I would post normally.. but I
do like this a lot, And this was the only "freebie track I got sent"
But I prefer another track Called Contemporary Individual,
which is on their Myspace page here.. anyway here is some blurb from their
Management.. (and yeah do check em out, Cos we love close harmonies right?)

Superhumanoids are a Los Angeles four piece,
set up as an electronic experiment to escape
the everyday of the everyday.
Dreams of a more public lifestyle have taken this
reverie to an unconventional conclusion -
a troupe that incorporates equal parts harmony and dissonance,
programming and organic instrumentation,
lush harmonies and sparse arrangements.
an exploration of pop through a spaced-out,
kaleidoscopic lens.

The band take their musical cues from a diverse array of sources
- neu!, The Beach Boys, The Strokes, The Chills, Kate Bush to name a few.
Their debut EP titled xxxxx was recorded and produced by the band themselves
and will be released by independent label Hit City USA in July of 2010.
Previous releases include
the contemporary individual digital 7" was released last January.

SuperHumanoids - Persona

New track from the wonderful Klaxons, some blogs hate it, some like it..
Personally I love it, if this is anything to go by..
the album is looking good.. I love the harshness of it..
nothing like some dirty psychedelics :)

check out more here.


This is a FULL ON mix by Mustard Pimp really loud.. not friendly,
get out of the building now! Home Insurance will not cover this.

Kylesa - Scapegoat (Mustard Pimp Mix)

Everyone seems to hail Lcd Soundsystem as the sound that is;
groundbreaking, uber cool, and somewhat avant garde, I just
see it as a time to check out the new flood of remixes
that fill the internet.. I have loved some lcd/s/system stuff before..
mostly tHE epic "Losing my Edge"
but for the most part I find it.. all very dull..
AND I bought the new album (This Is Happening)
and yes on the most part it is ok (ish)..
Anyhow.. check him out here..
and more remixes by bedroom, masters

LCD Soundsystem - You Wanted A Hit (Keljet Remix)

LCD Soundsystem - You Wanted A Hit (Ryan Nexus Remix)

LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge